Fraser Anning Has Been Declared Bankrupt Exactly One Year After He Was Egged

Finally, his finances match his morals.

Fraser Anning declared bankrupt exactly one year after egging

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Australian ex-senator Fraser Anning has been declared bankrupt by the federal court today, exactly a year on since Will ‘Eggboy’ Connolly egged him during a public appearance in response to his abhorrent statements on the Christchurch terrorist attacks.

Anning was being chased by Bendigo Bank subsidiary ABL Nominees for $185,000, believed to stem from a failed agribusiness, but is currently living somewhere in the US (possibly California, as per his Facebook page) with his family. He’s been there since failing to be reelected in the 2019 election.

Now as per The Courier, he’s been declared bankrupt. Fraser and his wife, also charged with bankruptcy, never responded to court orders.

While the courts dated the bankruptcy to July 15, 2019, the case predates his rise to the senate in 2017. When he was in government, he had entered a private agreement with his creditor to freeze proceedings, which continued after he was booted.

Anning, in case you need a reminder, only got into the senate when Queensland senator Malcolm Roberts was forced to resign over citizenship issues (alongside many dual-citizen holders). Fraser himself had only received 19 votes below-the-line.

On his first day of parliament, he split from One Nation, and later formed his own party. He was not reelected.

In his time in parliament, Anning called for a “final solution” to immigration policies, evoking Holocaust terminology, and repeatedly called for restricted (read: white-only) immigration into Australia.

After the Christchurch white supremacist attack which killed 51 Muslims, Anning sympathised with the terrorists’ motives, saying that it stemmed from the “growing fear” people have about Muslims, who are “usually the perpetrators” of such acts. He was then egged and made a mockery of worldwide.

Now he’s bankrupt, while Egg Boy (as per an excellent BuzzFeed interview with Connolly from today) has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Christchurch community and victims of Australia’s bushfires.

In short: Eat shit, Anning.