Fox News Slams ‘The Lego Movie’ As Communist Propaganda


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After an opening weekend in which the wonderful-looking Lego Movie pulled in $70 million at the box office, Fox Business fired its capitalist gaze at the film’s continuation of Hollywood’s “anti-business agenda”.

“Hollywood has its own agenda, and we’re king of used to this, but it feels a bit more threatening when they try to push this onto our kids over and over,” laments host Charles Payne. The Muppets Movie, for instance, used an oil baron as the enemy. Then The Lorax spread the communist myth of environmental degradation. And now we have the villain in The Lego Movie, who is surreptitiously named ‘President Business’ and who “looks a little bit like Mitt Romney”.

Fair  cop, I suppose.


“I guess they believe this movie is going to make a lot of money, so no matter what they can embed these kinds of anti-capitalist messages and get away with it,” said Monica Crowley, who showed zero regard for the undercutting contradictions wrapped up in that sentence.  She also seemed to be defending Mr. Potter as the misunderstood hero of It’s A Wonderful Life, which is a whole other thing.

Full insanity below:

The Lego Movie comes out in Australia on April 3, comrades.