Four ways to conquer uni life when you’re an introvert

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Being an introvert in such a socially-fuelled setting can be daunting, but there are still plenty of ways to get the most of your uni experience without being constantly drained of energy by generic social interactions.

Get into nightlife… early

An introvert’s worst nightmare is being in a sweaty, crowded nightclub during student Thursdays at who knows what hour, when they’d rather be finishing up a Harry Potter marathon. Having a boogey with some friends can be fun, if you get your timing right. Some may say it’s lame to go out when the clubs open, but you often get cheaper drinks, free entry and lots of space to bust a move, with nobody but your closest buds there to laugh at you.

Go to the library

While this might seem like a lame way to become involved in the university experience, there is something really comforting about sitting in the silent area of the library as you and those around you slave away. Although it may seem as though most people do their work at 3am in their bedroom the night before, there is constantly people slogging away in the library. An added benefit is it will motivate you to get more done and you will be too embarrassed to watch YouTube videos in allocated study zones, so you won’t procrastinate (as much).

Don’t run home between classes

A homemade meal and a quick nap may seem tempting, but the stress-free way to get your allocated weekly socialising quota in is to get lunch between classes with that one person from your tutorial who isn’t terrible. The great thing about having lunch between classes is you already have two conversation topics set up for you: the class you just had and the one you’re about to have. While you’re eating, silence is accepted so just nibble that sandwich slowly and congratulate yourself on being such a social butterfly.

Just get a drink

If your timetable won’t allow you to be the once-a-week socialite you’re destined to be, bond with your tutorial peers on how painful that class is with the universal saying, “I need a drink!”

Nothing brings university students together than the two services offered at your university bar:

  1. Student budget prices
  2. Alcohol

People are keen for a quick schooner at pretty much any hour of the university day, so suggest what literally everybody in the room is thinking.

­Jessamy Tredinnick

Jessamy is a QUT Bachelor of Journalism (advertising major) student. She is partial to cats, artsy-fartsy films, travelling, bubble baths, autobiographies and mulled wine.