Forman From That ’70s Show Just Created His Own Incredible Pop Culture Website

Topher Grace is the sole editor of 'Cereal Prize', your new favourite place on the internet.

“What’s Topher Grace doing these days?” is the kinda question that tends to pop in our heads late at night, for no apparent reason. (It’s probably Videogum’s fault. RIP.) Besides a spot in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Interstellar, the star of That ’70s Show‘s kinda gone quiet since its run ended back in 2006, just as his former co-star’s have become headline regulars again, starring in hit new TV series, gloriously hooking up with each other, and (badly) pretending to be tech gurus.

Well, now we have an answer to your pressing Topher Grace question. He’s been busy creating his own pop culture megasite (well, glorified blog), named ‘Cereal Prize’.

Wait, what?


Filled with drop-down menus with titles like “Great Shit”, “Funny Shit” and “Self-Centred Shit”, the website’s an interesting undertaking. Featured so far are a That ’70s Show-focused listicle with the great Buzzfeed-riffing title, ’70s Show Spin-Offs That Blow My Mind’; a transcript of an official Indiana Jones backroom meeting from 1976 featuring Steven Spielberg and George Lucas; a trailer for the long-lost Jack Black pilot ‘Heat Vision And Jack‘ (“I was working at Fox when they didn’t pick this up… but did pick up ‘Who Wants To Marry A Multi-Millionaire’. Good call guys,” writes Topher by way of useful commentary), and a random assortment of Mr Show clips, Phil Hartman audition reels, video-editing tutorials, and songs from the Teen Wolf soundtrack (“The REAL Teen Wolf in all of its synth glory. Like a grilled cheese sandwich — cheesy and delicious…,” he says).

There’s even a handy timer counting down the moments till his next post: only 16 hours, guys! As far as celebrity side projects go, this is probably my favourite one ever ’cause it’s so incredibly nerdy. Good work, Forman.