But Wait, There’s More: Flume Just Dropped His First Official New Single

And hey, guess what: it slaps.

Flume new mixtape photo

It’s a fantastic time to be a Flume fan.

A mere three years after Flume — AKA Harley Streten, AKA the one-time owner of the greatest moustache in Australian music, please do not @ me — dropped Skin, a full-length that changed the shape of electro here and abroad, the man is back.

‘Friends’, his new single, is a co-write with Reo Cragun, a rising rapper from the States. Cragun is probably best known for Growing Pains, his debut record and a collection of songs about learning, growing and break-ups. But it’s safe to say that this guest spot will be something of a career booster for the young musician.

Cragun’s talents are a perfect fit for the Australian producer’s — together, the pair have crafted a glossy, impeccable banger, full of distorted vocals, glassy melodies, and a suitably thumping chorus, over which Cragun sings about not particularly wanting to be your friend, thank you very much. Listen to the new single below.

‘Friends’ comes a mere week after Flume dropped a mixtape, Hi This Is Flume, and an accompanying “visualiser” (a fancy word for a very pretty extended music video). Hi This Is Flume also spawned a reasonably confusing, wonderful meme, and served to increase hype for whatever the young talent was set to do next.

But who would have thought that the next Flume project would come quite so soon?

Of course, the real question is whether we are gearing up for an album cycle. Unfortunately at this stage, whether or not ‘Friends’ is the taste of a forthcoming album remains to be seen — the accompanying press release contains no mention of Streten’s future plans, whatever they might be.

But hey, there’s no need to look a gift horse in the mouth, particularly if said horse isn’t actually a horse, but instead a certified banger from one of the most unique voices in Australian music.