Flume Eating Ass On Stage At Burning Man Is Peak 2019

It's tough being a DJ sometimes.

Flume eating ass burning man photo

Update: Flume has now responded to the incident here

Being a DJ is tough. Sometimes your decks fuck up, sometimes you’re bombarded by drunk people asking you to play Ginuwine’s ‘Pony’ repeatedly. And occasionally, you’ll have to eat ass on stage at Burning Man, which is the situation our very own Flume found himself in recently.

The Sydney producer was in the middle of a set in Black Rock City when he was captured on video putting his face in the rear end of an obliging patron. The video was originally shared via Instagram user ‘myfriendpaige’, which is the account of actress Paige Elkington — who Flume is rumoured to be dating.

No one knows what spurred Harley Streten to go the ass eating route, although there was a sign in the crowd at Burning Man that read “Does Flume even eat ass?”, which perhaps inspired him to set the record straight.

The video was quickly removed from Instagram — because you know, they’re a little prudish about ass eating — but not before it was captured by a Reddit user and uploaded to the Flume subreddit.

Predictably, the Internet has gone absolutely bananas (we also have a round-up of even more funny (and filthy) reactions):

At the time of writing, Flume hasn’t responded to the video — neither has Elkington, who Music Junkee has contacted for comment. UPDATE: On Thursday 5 September, Flume broke his silence with an Instagram post.

You can view the video here, but maybe don’t open it at work.