Flume Has Created The “M’ Lady” TikTok Challenge, Where You Transform Into The Worst Person Ever

You sir, have won the internet today.

Flume TikTok challenge

While we’ve long-declared Flume’s funny-hot Instagram a work of high art, social distancing has seen him re-focus on the realm of TikTok, introducing the world to a terrifying ‘M’ Lady Challenge’, where fuccbois transform into fedora-wearing neckbeards.

Harley Streten has been driven to some drastic acts of content in the past week — namely,Β  stunning Instagram gallery of him crying to ‘promote vulnerability among men’, inviting fellow kings to shed a tear for COVID-19.

Flume’s brand of hot-irony posts have a long legacy: last year, we traced his Instagram’s journey from awkward to amazing last year, but the tear post clearly necessitates an urgent update.

It’s simply next level — as is this TikTok, which revisits a favourite Instagram from 2018, where Flume dons boot cut jeans, a Tarocash-esque shirt and a white fedora to become “Mr. Steal Yo Girl”.

Of course, Tik Tok is now a marketing tool, with songs catapulting to chart success off a viral challenge. Maybe we’re giving him too much credit, but Flume spoofs that by creating a challenge around his recent song ‘The Difference’ with Toro Y Moi — the difference being a shift of clothing, a trope of a TikTok challenge.

While he hasn’t used the platform much previously, things have ramped up around the release of ‘The Difference’, even if that means just posting little visuals for the song. Still, even if this was engineered by a team of music marketers, we’re just happy it exists.

Watch the challenge below (which absolutely no-one else has done as of writing, cowards), and also find a few other prestige Flume TikToks, because why not?

@flumeM’lady challenge ##thedifference ##challenge ##midlifecrisis ##goingtovegas ##divorced ##mlady ##mladychallenge♬ The Difference – Flume featuring Toro y Moi

@flume♬ original sound – flume.official

@flumeπŸΆπŸ’¦πŸŒ±β™¬ original sound – flume.official