Florence + The Machine Covered A Fleetwood Mac Classic And Shut Up, You’re Crying


Florence + The Machine are currently in the middle of a promotional whirlwind in support of their latest record, the stripped back High As Hope

Last week the band landed in SiriusXM’s studio in Chicago to perform a cover of a Fleetwood Mac classic, ‘Silver Springs’. Mac nerds will note the track is an important one in the band’s history: it was originally written by Stevie Nicks in 1977 for their iconic album Rumours, but was left off the record due to time constraints.

At the time, the exclusion of the track caused big divisions in the band (it almost broke them up entirely) and Nicks is still very salty about it to this day. Eventually, the song was officially released as a live track in 1997.

Florence has been playing the track sporadically in her live sets for a few years now — alongside another Fleetwood Mac track, ‘The Chain’ — but this is the first time she’s had a crack at it in a studio. Watch it below.

Florence + The Machine will be heading to Australia early next year to show off High As Hope, with shows scheduled for all major cities. They’ll hit Perth on January 12, before making their way through Melbourne, Adelaide, Geelong, Brisbane, and finishing up with a massive show in Sydney’s Domain on January 26.

Check out all dates here.