Five things no one tells you about having a one night stand

Whether you’ve done it many times before or you’re considering doing it for the first time, you never know what to expect with a one night stand. It could be the best experience ever or a total disaster. But there are certain things that you can pretty much expect every time (that you wish you knew about before the first time).

Being drunk won’t stop it from being awkward

If you’re hoping that will help the situation, well, it might help a little bit. But the more drunk both of you are, the more awkward it could possibly get. And nothing will stop the next morning from being awkward – particularly if you have a hangover from hell. The sex might be a bit clumsy and not ideal, but even if it’s awkward, that doesn’t mean you can’t own the ONS situation.

Stealthing is a thing

If you’re worried about STDs and unsafe sex, this is a horrifying reality that many women have faced. Over the years I’ve heard this happen to friends and finally it’s been given a name – stealthing. It’s when in the middle of sex, the condom is removed without consent, or sometimes without knowledge. Unfortunately, you can never really know when a totally shit person is going to do this to you, and we'd like to hope most one night stand partners won’t be this manipulative. But it’s an important thing to be conscious of when you’re having sex with someone you don’t know that well.

It’s not always a one-time thing

Sometimes, one night stands will literally be a one-time thing where you’ll barely be able to remember their name a few months’ on. But one night stands don’t always live up to their names – it could be a pretty hilarious start to a relationship, or at the least an ongoing friends with benefits situation. If you’re interested, never assume you can’t see this person again – but maybe clear that up with your one night stand partner before you go catching feels.

Most of the time, it’s probs not going to be the best sex

Chances are if you’re drunk and you don’t know the person that well, it won’t always be the best – that’s the reality of the ONS. There may be some times when it is surprisingly great, given the circumstances. But be prepared for the times where things don’t go to plan, things don’t “work” and the fact that getting that close with someone you’ve just met is never going to be totally smooth.

You’ll probably feel guilty the morning after (but you shouldn’t)

There’s something about the morning after that makes you feel insanely guilty and dirty – and it’s only partly be due to the fact you’re doing the walk of shame home in last night’s clothes. Particularly for women, we’re made to feel guilty for sleeping with random people and adding to that “number”. But you shouldn’t let yourself or anyone let you feel guilty for having a one night stand – if it was the guy who gave you a bad experience, remind yourself that it’s in no way your fault.