5 Cringeworthy Moments You Can Expect During Your First Week Of Uni

If you're returning to university, you'll know that lectures and tutorials can bring some awkward moments like tutorial introductions, but at least it makes class a bit more interesting.

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Where’s the fun in uni if you don’t sigh exasperatedly at something cringy at least once a day? For moments worthy of an eye-rolling Snapchat, here are five of them guaranteed to make your first week of uni a delightfully painful one.

The Public Transport And Parking Struggles

If you catch the bus to uni, you’ll know the struggle of getting to the bus stop on time, only to have it drive past you because it’s a) completely full, b) out of service, or c) just doesn’t see you (it happens). So you take the train and what happens? Service disruptions because nothing says, “welcome back” more than a train delay.

And when it comes to parking, you’ve either miraculously secured a parking permit and parking is relatively achievable or:

  • Your university handed out more permits than there are parks, making it impossible to find a permit zone park during the first few weeks.
  • You missed out on a permit so you have to roam the ticketed parking, find a park, buy the overpriced ticket, return to your car and then walk to class.
  • Get cut-off by a dick driver who steals your parking spot.
  • Or you experience the ultimate cringe of crashing your car into someone else’s while trying to park.

Every Time You Have To Introduce Yourself In Class

Let’s go around the room and…

  • Introduce ourselves, say one exciting thing you did over the summer and why you’re doing this subject.
  • Introduce yourself to the person next to you and in 10 minutes, you should be able to tell me three things about them.
  • Say something you are looking forward to in the unit!

Sometimes you just have to ask yourself, do the tutors hate it as much as we do? But hey, it may suck, but it does take up half of the tutorial.

Ten points to the person who tries to be funny.

Every Time A First Year Walks Into Your Lecture, Thinking They’re Early

It’s just painfully awkward to watch a first year barge into your lecture when the lecturer shoots them an almighty death glare and they have to fumble with the door as they try and escape. What’s worse is when they actually sit down thinking their lecture has actually started early, only to look around in confusion when they realise Sex and the Media is not Introduction to French.

Whenever Your Lecturer Or Tutor Tries To Scare You Into Being Studious

This was a fairly effective scare tactic to use in Year 12, but in uni things have steered toward the polar opposite direction with failures being more widely accepted and passes celebrated. So when the tutor hops on their soap-box and begins this ritual speech, the most that will happen is a, “I will try harder this year, I swear. And by this year, I mean semester two.”

Every Time The Tutor Insists They’re More Friend Or Foe

You’ll smile awkwardly and avoid eye contact to the best of your abilities during the, “I’m not like the other tutors…” speech, because you’ve heard it hundreds of times before. Quite frankly, these tutors always turn out to be the strict markers because even though they’re all nice and up for banter, they still want to make sure you’re taking them seriously. So really, it’s a good cop, bad cop situation.

Steffanie Tan is studying a Bachelor of Journalism at Monash University and is horrible at bios and that is all that needs to be said. 

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