The Entire Internet Is Obsessed With The Fish Tube, The Tube That Carries Fish Over Dams

"Launch me through the fish tube so i can feel something."

fish tube

“This system helps native fish pass over dams in seconds rather than day” read a simple tweet, enthused over the invention of a fish tube. Seconds later, the fish tube meme was born.

I cannot stress to you how inherently funny the concept of a fish tube is.

It’s also called a “salmon cannon” and it’s somehow about the Wallace and Gromit of it all, and also about the weird highly charged erotic energy.

The fish tube, as the short video explains, has been created to help salmon traverse dams. There are all sorts of benefits to the fish tube. We should be thankful for the fish tube.

Let us watch the fish tube.

Immediately upon seeing the fish tube, I was struck with the urge to have it gently suck my head. I wanted to insert myself into the tube and be shot out into a lake. Life is a fish tube, and I want to ride it. The fish tube is our generation’s moon landing, but please don’t interrogate that concept any further!

Much like a tube-riding fish, we have already moved on!!!

Also, please be aware that the company which invented the fish tube is called Whooshh!

It seems like only yesterday that the internet absolutely lost their minds about 30-50 feral hogs, and I think a lot of that cursed energy has carried over unto the salmon cannon. Anyway, please read everyone losing their goddamn minds, it’s very funny.