The First Trailer For ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Is Here And It Is Campy And Retro And Absolutely Awesome

Thor vs Hulk featuring badass goth Cate Blanchett.

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Whoever decided that Taika Waititi should direct the third film in the Thor franchise deserves a raise and a paid vacation. It may have seemed like an odd choice, hiring a Kiwi whose previous film cost less to make than the catering budget on most Marvel shoots, but oh boy does it appear to have paid off.

From the fabulous set photos to the adorable footage of Thor hanging out with his Australian housemate Daryl (presumably non-canon, although I’m still holding out hope for a cameo), everything we’ve seen from Thor: Ragnarok up until now has been very, very promising. Now we have our first actual footage from the film and yeah, there is an awful lot to like here too.

Cut to the tune of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Immigrant Song’, highlights of the trailer include badass goth Cate Blanchett catching Mjolnir out of mid air, Loki rocking antlers and a pair of very cool looking daggers, and Thor going head-to-head in gladiatorial combat with The Incredible Hulk. And that’s to say nothing of Jeff Goldblum’s eyeliner, which I could not be more here for.

Waititi has gone on record saying the film will be “the most different Marvel movie to date”, and based on this trailer it definitely looks closer to the weirdness of Guardians of the Galaxy than it does to either of the previous Thor films. Honestly the biggest influence appears to have been Saturday morning cartoons from the ’80s, right down to the sensational title font. November, quite frankly, cannot come soon enough.