The First Trailer For ‘Outlander’ Season Three Is Here So Prepare To Feel All The Emotions

Long distance relationships are tough.

Just when you thought you’d recovered from the finale, Starz has released a new trailer for the upcoming season of Outlander to obliterate your fragile heart all over again.

As we know, things are a little tough for Claire and Jamie right now. Long distance relationships are tricky at the best of times, but being separated by more than two centuries presents a whole other set of challenges. Lots of glum expressions in this 40 second teaser, which you know, same here.

The temporal gap between our two heroes also presumably means fewer trips to bone town this season, which is a pity because in terms of nuanced depictions of pleasurable sex on television, few shows do it better than this one.

Yes please.

Outlander season three will kick off in the US in September. In Australia it airs on Foxtel, while the first two seasons are currently available on Netflix.