7 Gifs That Perfectly Illustrate What It’s Like To Tackle Your First Distance Run

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They say you never forget your first. You first distance run, that is. Graduating to a stage where you’re ready to tackle one – be it respectable 5km dash or a 50km epic – is a big deal. It means you’ve made the time, pounded the pavement, and built up your endurance.

Crossing the finish line of your first distance is the best feeling in the world – but, of course, there are a lot of other emotions you’ll have to get through first. Allow us to explain.

#1 Before You Start

You’re feeling fresh, you carb-loaded like your life depended on it, and you are ready to Rocky the hell out of this. If you’re doing the Nike Get More, Go More Challenge, you’ve been preparing for this moment for months. You got this.

#2 Ten Minutes In

You’re really doing it! You are a running a freakin’ marathon and making it look easy. Those people on the sidelines? They’re your adoring fans/loyal subjects, depending on how you look at it. Wave to them, now.

#3 When You’ve Got To Push Through The Pain

There may come a point where you’re afflicted by the medical condition known as “everything hurts”. It’s called hitting the wall and you will get past it.

If you feel yourself starting to flag, mentally break up the distance you have left into manageable chunks — instead of telling yourself you’re only halfway through, just focus on getting to the end of the street, and then end of the next street after that. Fantasise about what you’re going to eat for lunch afterwards. Imagine someone really hot is watching you run and you’ve got to keep it together. The real race is with your head, so keep going, because your second wind is just around the corner.

Plus, if you think this is hard, try growing out a fringe. Perspective, guys.

#4 When That Runner’s High Hits

Runner’s high: I don’t understand it on a scientific level, but I know I like it. All exercise causes your body to release endorphins, but long-distance running releases an extra big dose of the good stuff.

Some describe runner’s high as the moment the pain turns to euphoria, or a feeling of total limitlessness, or just a better version of being really, really caffeinated. The timing is different for everyone, but it generally comes from really pushing yourself — yours might hit 30 minutes in, or after the race is done. Enjoy it, baby.

#5 When You Get Overtaken By Your Race Nemesis

There’s always one.

#6 When You Cross The Finish Line

Finding $20 on the ground is cool. Hopping into a bed with clean sheets straight after a shower feels nice. Falling in love is okay, I guess. But nothing – I repeat, nothing – compares to the moment you finish your first-ever distance run. You set your mind to it, you worked for it and you actually went and did it. Savour the glory and know that, eventually, your legs will forgive you.

#7 Later That Night When You Screen All Calls, Order Pizza And Turn On Netflix

Extra garlic bread, thanks.

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