‘First Contact’ Will Take The Co-Founder Of One Nation To Visit Indigenous Communities

The "confronting" new season starts tonight.

If you’re interested in seeing Natalie Imbruglia, Dicko, Tom Ballard and the co-founder of One Nation, David Oldfield, confront their white privilege, boy does SBS have a show for you!

Tonight the second season of First Contact begins, a show that takes six well-known Australians into Aboriginal communities for 28 days in the hopes that they will have a greater understanding of the inequality and marginalisation faced by the First Australians. The program, which is produced by Blackfella Films, also features Ray Martin, Former Miss Universe Australia Renae Ayris and actress Nicki Wendt.

While Ballard and Imbruglia appear very keen to better understand the issues affecting Aboriginal Australians, others are initially less positive. Dicko implies that the problems facing Indigenous communities could be solved if they “get off the grog”, Wendt admits that she “has had racist thoughts about Aboriginal people”, Ayris says, “they kind of need to forgive what they think has happened” and of course, Oldfield calls the Stolen Generation the “rescue generation”.

Ray Martin warns that what we’ll see on First Contact “may appall you”. You’ll probably find the trailer appalling enough.

First Contact season 2 will air over three nights at 8.30pm on Tuesday 29 November, Wednesday 30 November and Thursday 1 December, on SBS and NITV. Check back tomorrow for Junkee’s review.