Your First Christmas Without The Family: Expectations Vs Reality

Expectation: A huge Christmas dinner complete with roast turkey and amazing desserts. Reality: Wine counts as food, right?

Whether you’re spending your Christmas with your partner, your besties or having a quiet one on your own this year, we always expect our first Christmas away from the rents to be mature and on our terms.

But sometimes, that’s not always the case. Here’s what we think Chrissy will be like without your family vs what it will actually be like.

Expectation: You’ll have to fight your friends about colour scheme of the decorations, and of course, who gets to put the star on top of the tree

Reality: You can decorate the tree the way YOU want it to be decorated

When you don’t live at home anymore you are finally in charge of the decorations. You can mix and match the baubles or leave the back of the Christmas tree completely bare, because who’s going to be looking back there anyway? Or if you don’t feel like it, you don’t have to put up any decorations at all. When there’s no one to nag you into decking out your whole apartment, it’s just more mess to clean up, right?

Expectation: You expect a huge Christmas dinner complete with roast turkey and amazing desserts

Reality: Wine counts as food, right?

So, it turns out cooking, especially for other people, is really hard and your mum made it look easy. How did she get the timing of everything just right?

After a failed attempt at cooking a turkey you just go to the store and buy a pre-cooked one. Or you know, just give up and go back home for Christmas dinner like the sad adult you are.

Expectation: Everyone marvels at your beautiful Christmas lights

Reality: You’re too broke to afford lights

It’s the first time that you’ll get to be in charge of lighting up your house. You expect to march into Kmart with determination, buy an inflatable Santa and light up reindeers for the lawn. Then you and your roommates will spend the rest of the day hanging up fairy lights, listening to Christmas carols and being cute af.

The reality is that this stuff costs money, so instead you just wrap some tinsel around the post box. That’ll do.

Expectation: You get less presents

Reality: You get things you need, not things you want

The sad truth is, when you move out, you’ll find you’ll be asking for things like tea towels and vacuums rather than clothes or jewellery. Sigh.

Just because you don’t live at home anymore, doesn’t mean the gift giving stops! True, you are a lot more broke than you were at home, but you always find a way to repay your loved ones. You might have to shop at thrift stores but they probs won’t be able to tell. It’s the thought that counts!

Expectation: Christmas day will be stressful

Reality: Christmas day is chill af

You think you’ll be sitting around the table laughing with your friends over the fabulous dinner you cooked, drinking red wine and being an adult. But in reality, you’ll probably drink tea while watching Christmas movies on the couch then go to bed by nine. It’s been a stressful month okay?

Sophie Nicolas is studying a bachelor of Arts majoring in creative writing. She is an aspiring writer, dog enthusiast and thrift shop fashion icon.

(Lead image: Friends/NBC)