Please Enjoy These People Getting Sincerely Mad About Sydney’s New Ferry McFerryface

"These ferries are icons of our city. Trying to taint them with meme culture is basically graffiti."

ferry mcferryface

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Once again, memes have triumphed over rationality. Sydney’s new ferry will be christened Ferry McFerryface, following in the grand tradition of the UK’s Boaty McBoatface and Sweden’s Trainy McTrainface.

Sadly, some people cannot take a joke being printed on their public transport, and are getting a bit cranky about this on the NSW Public Transport Facebook page, Twitter, and anywhere else that will let them publish their opinions. Behold, the party poopers (it’s fun to imagine them shaking a fist at the sky yelling “meme culture” in the same way one might yell “damn hooligans!” or “argh, capitalism!”).

Ferry McFerryface haters

Spare a thought for the NSW Public Transport social media person employed to type “not a joke” over and over again today.

Ferry McFerryface haters part 2

To be fair, Robert, we also have ferries named after random beaches. Check the list here.

Ferry puns

Ferry good pun.

Ferry McFerryface haters

Jake…my dude…let it out.

Ferry McFerryface haters

Possibly this is why your name is not on a ferry.

Beyond the haters, some people have actually pointed out a legitimate problem with the name: what happens when Ferry McFerryface gets into some kind of accident, forcing news reporters to soberly report tragedy aboard Ferry McFerryface?

You know, they actually make a good point. We can only hope that Ferry McFerryface avoids tragedy and instead traverses the harbour happily until the end of its days, as a good meme ship should. U mad?