7 Feels You’ll Understand If You Have Dating App Burn Out

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Dating apps have been around for a while now, so we’re all pretty privy to the comings and goings of the people on it. In fact, it’s all become a little bit predictable — so much so that we’re feeling fatigued by it all.

There’s a few tell tale signs that prove you’re 100 per cent over swiping, messaging, liking, and flirting with a person over an app.

#1 You’ve Deleted Them More Times Than You Can Count

In fact, it’s nearly become a nightly ritual of downloading the app, swiping for an hour or so, and deleting it again. Only to be repeated again the next night.

If your iTunes account could talk, it would ask if you’re OK???

#2 You Roll Your Eyes At Pretty Much Every Bio

You’ve seen them all: the line of emojis that you have to decode like a fucking ancient riddle, the quote from a famous rapper, the location and age combo, the variation of an existing bio that has already gone viral. Nothing is original anymore.

#3 You Get More Joy From Checking Your Bank Account On Pay Day

Sure, receiving a message from a verified stranger is cool. But a fortnight’s worth of wages dropping into your account? YAS, honey. Who needs a partner when you ballin’ on your own?

#4 You Say “People Are Disgusting” On A Daily Basis

Here’s the thing. If you counted all the people who asked you to send nudes within two minutes of talking, and figured out how much of the population they statistically make up, it’d have to be a strong 10 per cent. Humanity is dirty, and those are facts.

#5 You’re Low Key Addicted And You Hate It

But despite how much you despite dating apps, you just can’t stop using them. It’s like getting to the bottom of a bag of chips and thinking, “May as well just keep going. I’ve been gross enough already.”

#6 It Feels Like A Part-Time Job

There’s no joy in using these apps. We can all agree on that. You log on because you feel like you have to — you’ll get nothing out of it unless you put the tedious work in. Ugh.

#7 You Just Send GIFs Instead Of Actual Responses

(Lead image: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend/CW)