Feeling Crap? Here’s A Clip Of Jake Gyllenhaal And Sean Hayes Singing ‘A Whole New World’

No explanation necessary.

No explanation necessary. Just let yourself drift into it.

If you insist: the above clip came from the Tony Awards which aired in the US yesterday. Or, more accurately, it came during a semi-candid moment during a commercial break from the broadcast and was uploaded to Sean Hayes’ Facebook page overnight.

If you missed it, the ceremony was a tough one. Scheduled to start less than a day after news of the Orlando shooting, the awards were plagued with grief from the horrific act of violence which left 50 people in an LGBT nightclub dead and 53 more injured. In the show’s opening segment, host James Corden addressed this directly, stating “hate will never win”. “Together, we have to make sure of that [and] tonight’s show stands as a symbol and a celebration of that principle.”

Heartwarming duets of Disney classics sure are a pretty great way to stay true to that word.