The Feed’s Latest Private School Sketch Perfectly Roasts The Opera House Controversy

Scarily accurate.

The Feed roasts Opera House controversy with Private School sketch

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The Feed has taken aim at Alan Jones and the controversy surrounding the Sydney Opera House projections with a savage new sketch set in a private boys school.

Freudian Nip comedians Jenna Owen and Victoria Zerbst play Charles Walter and Charles Oliver, the teenage hosts of Thornton Boys Grammar FM.

“We’re going to be talking about how Mrs Robinson’s got a big stick up her over this whole inter-school rowing regatta,” thunders Oliver.

“It is the biggest rowing event in our calendar,” Walter exclaims. “If my father wants to pay for a regatta banner to be hung over the multiculturalism mural, there’s nothing sooks like Mrs Robinson can do about it.”

“One call to headmaster Johnston from my father and Mrs Robinson’s job will be on the chopper,” agrees Oliver. “He’ll give the job to one of his rich friends.”

“She’s an elitist,” he adds. “And a woman! And we have all these elitist women running around telling us basic Joes that we can’t enjoy ourselves at the beautiful sponsored regatta.”

And just think, this is a kid who grows up to be Prime Minister, probably.

You can watch the full sketch below.