“Code White”: ‘The Feed’ Has Roasted Peter Dutton’s Hypocrisy Over South African Farmers

"No one gets murdered on my watch. Well, other than people in offshore detention."

The Feed Peter Dutton

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The team at The Feed has gone in on Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton for saying Australia should give “special attention” to white South African farmers seeking humanitarian or refugee visas.

Dutton has been slammed after he suggested the government could look at fast-tracking visas for white South Africans facing “horrific circumstances” in their home country. A number of critics have accused him of racism given how little concern he has shown for the plight of other persecuted groups such as Rohingya refugees fleeing ethnic cleansing in Myanmar.

It’s that brazen hypocrisy that inspired The Feed to weigh in with a sketch they’ve fittingly titled “Code White”.

The clip features Mark Humphries as Dutton, who is horrified after an aide tells him about reports of white South Africans being persecuted.

“Where did you read this?” the minister asks. “Was it a U.N. human rights report, because I told you to stop reading those.”

Before long he’s meeting with staff and ordering them to fast-track visas.

“No one gets murdered on my watch,” he tells them. “Well, other than people in offshore detention.”

“Have you ever seen him that excited before?” a staffer asks his colleague as they watch their boss run around the office with a box of literal dog whistles.

“No, but I’ve only ever seen him during a code brown,” comes the reply.