The Best And Most Unhinged Memes About Taylor Swift Re-Releasing ‘Fearless’

"Prince Philip really said ‘the day Taylor owns Fearless is the day I can finally die in peace’."

taylor swift fearless reactions photo

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As you’ve probably already heard, on Friday Taylor Swift released her much-anticipated re-recorded Fearless album.

The lead-up to her decision to re-record her first six albums, all of which are owned by her former record label Big Machine, was messy and chaotic. After Scooter Braun, Taylor’s long-time industry nemesis, bought Big Machine and took control of 11 years of her work, the popstar vowed to re-record every record to make his $300 million transaction basically worthless.

As well as being the power move of the century, Fearless (Taylor’s Version) is a nostalgic masterpiece. Though every song is technically the same, her voice is noticeably stronger — the benefit of being 31 instead of 17.

Of course, the memes came thick and fast. A favourite target for jokes was Joe Jonas, Taylor’s ex-boyfriend who at least two of the songs are about (‘Forever & Always’ and ‘Mr Perfectly Fine’). Even Joe’s current wife, Sophie Turner, joined the rest of the Swifties in trolling him.

And how much Taylor’s other exes must be sweating.

Us millennials love a good nostalgia hit, so there was also a lot of content about re-living 2008.

One Swiftie even joked that the power of Taylor’s vocals on ‘The Other Side Of The Door’ would be too much for Prince Philip… and uh… he died a few hours later.

Thank god we can now just stream the album, rather than having to go through the rigmarole of getting it onto our hot pink iPod Nanos –– though this TikTok low-key makes me want to go back.

And then just general love and glee at getting a whopping 26 songs from Taylor in one hit.

Anyway, I’m off to go stream ‘Hey Stephen (Taylor’s Version)’ on repeat until the end of time.