Family’s Up! Watch The Trailer For Season 2 Of ‘The Bear’

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The Bear is back for a second season, and we finally have a brand new trailer to sink our teeth into.

Between the restaurant renovations, Carmy and Sydney trying to cook up a new menu from home, and the gang’s attempts to hire new cooks — it looks like we’re in for another round of delicious chaos.

The first and now award-winning series of The Bear, dropped in 2021. Set in Chicago, the series follows fine dining chef Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) who decides to head up his late brother Mikey’s failing sandwich shop after his sudden death. Unlike a lot of all-American prodigal son returns home stories, however, The Bear is a quietly arresting tale of the complicated reality of working through grief under the grind of capitalism.

In Carmy’s kitchen are Jimmy, his deadbeat cousin who isn’t really his cousin; Mikey’s trusted line cook Tina; day-dreaming baker Marus; and Sydney, an up-and-coming young Chef. With Mikey’s death and debt of debt hanging over all of them, spirits are as low as the pressure is high.

Season 2 seems to pick up where the last season dropped off. Having found Mikey’s cash stash, the restaurant is undergoing renovations. One small problem: the restaurant has to close for six months, minimum. In the interim, it seems, Sydney and Carmey are trying to figure out a new menu from their home kitchens, Marcus is off to culinary school, and chaos reigns back at the restaurant as Jimmy and Fak DIY the makeover.

One thing is for sure: after two years of waiting, we’re hungry for more. The Bear will premiere on FX on June 22 in the US. It will undoubtedly stream on Disney+ here in Australia later this year.

Watch the trailer for Season 2 of The Bear below.