The “Family Lockdown Boogie” Is The Viral Song You Need If You’re Isolating With Your Family

"Incarcerated, blood related, it's the family lockdown boogie."

family lockdown boogie dance

To all those people who have been using their isolation time to nail the latest TikTok dance challenges — you’ve got nothing on this family from New Zealand and their “Family Lockdown Boogie”.

In case you haven’t yet seen the viral music video in question, let me paint you a picture; a family of four, in isolation together due to NZ’s level four coronavirus lockdown, create a catchy techno-esque song (with accompanying choreography) in solidarity with anyone else trapped inside with their immediate family.

Honestly, it’s worth a watch just to appreciate how much convincing it must have taken for the dad to go along with the whole thing.

It’s delightful.

The whole thing gives off distinct Flight of the Conchord vibes and includes iconic lines such as: “incarcerated, blood related, it’s the family lockdown boogie”.

Wellington man Jack Buchanan is responsible for creating the viral music video, which has been viewed more than 935,000 times since it was uploaded to YouTube five days ago. He also roped in his friend Anna Robinson to help out with choreography from afar.

In case you need any more incentive, it also features a brief cameo from the family dog Maisie.

Our antipodean neighbours have been in level four lockdown for two weeks now, and it’s safe to say some people are getting a little stir crazy.

But the Buchanan family tries to put a positive spin on the whole thing, with Jack singing: “what a treat it is to be locked down with these three/ because we can’t get on each others nerves if we’re dancing constantly”.

The family spoke to New Zealand public broadcaster RNZ where Jack said they’d gotten positive messages from strangers all over world after releasing the clip.

“The sort of big theme to the messages seems to be that it’s something that is making people really happy and joyful in a time that is otherwise a bit grim so I think that’s one thing we all feel pretty awesome about,” he said.

It took them four nights to shoot the video, with Jack coming up with the idea for the song while driving from Auckland to Wellington.

The song is also available on Spotify now, if you want to blast it during your own family lockdown.