Fallout 76’s Players Are Creating A Wholesome Wasteland

Fallout 76

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Post-apocalyptic wastelands are traditionally portrayed as brutal environments in which everyone is just out for themselves. However, many players of multiplayer online game Fallout 76 are defying expectations, taking the opportunity to drive the irradiated American landscape toward a much purer future.

YouTuber Many A True Nerd set up a “welcome camp” in Fallout 76 to help out new players, providing free purified water, a bed, a cooking station, and armour and weapons benches which he used to provide visitors with custom-made equipment.

“One of the things I really loved during the beta was, for the most part, the atmosphere in the servers was very, very friendly,” says Many A True Nerd in his video showing off the camp. “People decided to live and let live, there wasn’t a huge amount of people just going around trying to pick fights, and I want to get this game off on the right footing.”

Fortunately, those who come across him similarly have no interest in a bloody brawl, gratefully accepting Many A True Nerd’s offers of help before being cheerfully waved off with a like child on their first day of school. “Have fun! Be nice to people!”

Many A True Nerd isn’t the only one who’s decided the post-nuclear world could do with a bit more love. Player MiyukiChai has built a frankly gorgeous little restaurant called C.A.M.P., complete with red couches and potted plants. “I’m selling any and all food and drink that I find in my travels, along with other valuables,” they say in a Reddit post announcing the establishment’s opening.

Meanwhile, other players are helping each other out by sharing their resources and equipment.

To the guy who randomly gave me excavator power armor from fo76

Thank you kind stranger. from fo76

Still more players are using the game to create goofy personas, tell fun stories, and inject a little frivolity into Fallout 76‘s harsh world.

To the Nuka Cola power armor guy from fo76

An inhospitable wasteland isn’t where you’d expect to find some beautiful stories about altruism and generosity. But it turns out love, actually, is all around.

I am amazed by how incredible and kind you people are playing this game. from fo76

Though Fallout 76 is still ridden with spectacular bugs, it hasn’t stopped players from having touching experiences and finding joy while they wait for it to be patched. In many ways, the world is what we make it, and Fallout 76‘s players are making it a good one.