‘Fallout 76’ Player Builds Maze To Trap People With A Giant Lizard

Fallout 76

The Fallout 76 community is often a wholesome place. Players have constructed cafes, way stations and clubhouses to help each other through the uncertain post-apocalypse, linking arms across the wasteland in harmony. But sometimes, friendship is overrated. Sometimes, you just want to build a murder maze.

Following his previous structures “Murder Church” and “Player Oven“, this week redditor Vault101manguy shared their latest villainous Fallout 76 creation: “Deathclaw Maze“, a maze with a Deathclaw in it.

Deathclaws are giant, aggressive, mutated reptiles that have claws and will death you. They aren’t creatures you want to be trapped in an enclosed space with. So in order to find test subjects for his halls of horror, Vault101manguy had to rely on a bit of trickery.

Putting on a facade of camaraderie, Vault101manguy donned a top hat and bathrobe and emoted at passersby. They would then gesture for the unwitting victims to follow, leading them to the enticing neon lights of the Deathclaw Maze. “Beat the maze!” its signs read. “Win prizes!”

The trusting fools would enter, Vault101manguy would lock the door behind them, and then the fun began.

Not everybody fell for it. General Drazz and DancerShanaz, two of the maze’s potential victims featured at the end of Vault101manguy’s video, shared a clip of their narrow escape from their perspective. But in reality, they weren’t in all that much danger.

“This is entirely an experience of fear,” wrote Vault101manguy. Due to how combat in Fallout 76 works, Vault101manguy’s tamed Deathclaw wasn’t actually capable of dealing substantial damage to their victims, and nobody died. “But that is really hard to think about when you’re unexpectedly faced with a deathclaw that is chasing you through a locked maze.”

Murder mazes such as Deathclaw Maze have a long and varied history. Most famously, the Labyrinth of Greek mythology was commissioned by King Minos to house the half-man half-bull Minotaur – the result of Minos’ wife taking an extra special, extra disturbing liking to a bull. Fortunately, that isn’t a possibility in Fallout 76.