Turns Out Men Have No Clue How Fake Nails Work, And It’s Glorious To Witness

Watching grown men get traumatised by acrylic nails just hits different.

Fake Nails TikTok Men

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Anyone who’s ever gotten acrylic nails done will agree that it isn’t the most comfortable experience in the world.

Sometimes nail techs can nick you while cutting down your cuticles, and other times, the electric nail file can slip off and sand the edges of your skin. And worst of all, there are those invisible cuts that you don’t notice until the acetone inevitably comes into contact with your skin.

However, if you go to an experienced salon, these little mistakes aren’t that common. This is because most nail techs practice on dummy mannequin hands to perfect their technique and designs, before moving on to human hands. These dummy hands are actually great because they’re flexible and look super life-like, meaning the transition over to real clients isn’t that much of a jump for aspiring nail artists.

But in recent days, these practice hands have caused quite a stir online. As it turns out, men really don’t understand how acrylic nails work — and I mean they really don’t get it.

Over the last 48 hours, @ivonnemireyaa, an amateur nail artist on TikTok, has gone viral for her videos where she shoves and pulls fake nails from a mannequin hand, which, to be fair, looks scarily realistic. Honestly, just take a look for yourself:

Almost instantly, Mireya’s comments were filled with people horrified by the sight of the nail application and removal — including women who have gotten acrylics themselves.

“I THOUGHT IT WAS A REAL PERSON MY SOUL LEFT MY BODY,” one terrified woman commented. “I thought I was on the wrong side of TikTok again!!! LAWD, I almost passed away!!!!,” typed another.

But, in a surprise to absolutely nobody, it was men who were most horrified by the nail application, as they genuinely started to believe that this was what women endured every time they wanted a new nail style. Yes, they seriously believed that women had an inch of plastic shoved down their nail beds any time they went to a nail salon.

“THATS HOW GIRLS PUT IN NALES?!?!?! [sic] THAT LOOKS LIKE IT HURTS,” one confused man questioned. “Is this actually how they do it???,” desperately asked another.

In response to these videos, some men even duetted Mireya’s TikTok to share their pure disbelief in what they were witnessing.

Clearly horrified and disgusted, watching these men react to the “real” way fake nails are done was glorious to watch. So to keep the confusion going, women decided to keep the joke alive by trying to convince men that, despite the hand being fake, the technique was actually very real and common.

“Why do you think it hurts so bad when we break a nail?,” one acrylic nail fan wrote.

“The first time we get our nails done at age 12, we get a surgical incision on the inside of our nail bed, so we can replace it. Y’all didn’t know??,” clarified one woman. “Where I get mines done they actually inject each finger so we won’t feel anything,” confirmed another.

Having far too much fun traumatising and trolling men on the app, the women of TikTok then decided that getting your male partner to watch these acrylic nail videos would make for a great trend.

So, taking full advantage of their cluelessness, trolling boyfriends and husbands with Mireya’s TikToks became an easy and fun way for the app to get a good, innocent laugh — and, honestly? The reactions really are so dramatic, but so great, too.

So, ladies. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to troll a man in your life, you’ve found it. Happy scarring!