This Fake Holden Commercial Is A Perfect Pisstake Of Gender Stereotypes In Advertising

Nailed it.

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If television advertisements have taught me anything, it’s that women like women’s stuff, such as kitchen utensils and laundry detergent, while men like men’s stuff, like power tools and hair regrowth treatment. Oh, and trucks. Yeah. Men love trucks, what with their V8 engines and dual power steering and windscreen wipers and such.

But actually, it turns out that people other than men are allowed to drive trucks too. Or at least that’s what I’ve ascertained thanks to this sketch from Kiwi comedy show Funny Girls, which manages to perfectly skewer hyper-masculine advertising before flipping things on their head.

Kudos to the voiceover guy, who manages to nail both the blokey ad voice and the condescending manner in which men often talk to women. And also to the woman, for her entirely reasonable response.