Ezra Miller Has Been Shooting Scenes For ‘The Flash’ Between Arrests

According to Warner Bros' CEO, Miller has shown up for regularly scheduled shoots "without incident".


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Ezra Miller has been making headlines for a series of arrests, beginning in Hawaii, since March, but it seems they still found time to play The Flash between controversies.

The actor is currently under investigation for allegedly hiding a mother and two children. Miller is accused of harbouring the family on their property, and is simultaneously being accused of burglary.

These are only the latest felonies for which Miller is under investigation for — the actor’s series of unfortunate events began in March, when they were arrested twice for disorderly conduct and assault.

But an article from the Hollywood Reporter revealed that Warner Bros has continued working with Miller during this time.

Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslav told the publication that Miller participated in regularly scheduled shooting for The Flash over the past few months, allegedly without incident.

This is a bizarre cherry atop a truly chaotic chapter. According to authorities, Miller has been hard to locate for questioning, and has routinely evaded police.

A recent report from Rolling Stone alleged that Miller has been deliberately trying to “evade service” of an emergency care order as well. The Vermont State Police have been attempting to issue the order to the 25-year-old mother of the three children Miller has been accused of hiding, but they have been unsuccessful in locating Miller themselves.

There have been no concrete insight to Miller’s motivations surrounding these incidents, but last week’s revelation that Miller has been shooting photography for The Flash does settle the question of whether Warner Bros was going to continue working with them.

It comes right off the back of Warner Bros’ decision to shelve the long-anticipated Bat Girl film, due to their merger with Discovery. The company’s apparent hypocrisy continues when considering that Aquaman 2 director James Wan had to fight to keep Amber Heard from being cut from the film due to her ongoing litigation with Johnny Depp.

And the Ezra Miller saga goes on.