Everyone’s Obsessed With Ryker, The Alsatian Who Failed Service Dog Training In Epic Fashion

"He doesn't understand this game, but my god he's giving it his all."

Ryker, one of the failed service dogs

Listen, there’s failing and then there’s really failing, and if you’re going to do one, you might as well do the latter. In any case, that’s the lesson that the internet is taking from the story of Ryker, the Alsatian who bombed out of service training harder than anybody’s bombed out of anything.

See, in order to become support dogs for those people with disabilities, pooches have to go through a careful and strenuous process of training. This training takes a matter of months, and involves becoming desensitised to distractions and forming close bonds with one particular human. Dogs must learn to ignore the glorious pull of the things they would usually find exciting, and narrow their entire world down to one person.

Ryker, however, could manage none of this. Instead of calmly walking alongside a wheelchair, Ryker pulled it to the ground. Instead of staying strong and avoiding the bounce of a tennis ball, Ryker dragged his (pretend) human across the floor to get it. Instead of guiding a person in a walker, Ryker grabbed the walker and tried to tear it to pieces.

Like I said, there’s failing and then there’s failing. Ryker is king of the second camp.

Just watch:

The video of Ryker and his compelling misadventures was first posted online way back in December 2018, by Double H Canine Training Academy. But it’s resurfaced thanks to Twitter user @KimmyMonte, who reposted the clip and sent the whole thing viral once again.

Anyway, predictably, the internet is obsessed with Ryker now:

What an extremely good boy.