Everyone Shush, Rupert Murdoch Has Some Very Important Thoughts About “Moslems”

Currently paying out odds on those who tipped the words "jihadist cancer".

Good news, guys! You no longer have to struggle through measured and nuanced commentary and critique of the whole Charlie Hebdo tragedy, Rupert Murdoch has summed it up perfectly for you in the space of 140 characters. Put simply: we should just blame all of the “Moslems”. Complementing his ye oldie times spelling of the word ‘Muslim’ with some embarrassingly outdated and downright dangerous thoughts about race, he posted the following on his constantly entertaining if not completely distressing Twitter account.

Because he’d come that far, he then went onto elaborate on the “jihadist cancer” before stopping one step shy of telling us there were people in burqas hiding under our beds.

As terror warnings around the world have indeed been raised since the attack in Paris many on Twitter took his pleas extremely seriously. And, in an effort to expunge political correctness once and for all, they then helpfully adopted his own logic to exterminate other threats that face our society.

Murdoch is yet to comment further on any of these other awful cancers we now face nor offer a scrambling half-apology or change of subject like he gave that time he said Egypt was actually full of white people. From the general “Moslem” reaction over the past few days, it seems like he might have quite a task ahead of him.

TL;DR: old white man shares ill-advised thoughts with the world; discomfort ensues.

Feature image: Monika Flueckiger via Wikicommons.