Evan Rachel Wood Slams Censorship: “Women Don’t Have To Be Fucked And Say Thank You”

The 26-year-old actress just took to Twitter to lay into a ruling by the MPAA, who have cut an oral sex scene out of her upcoming film 'Charlie Countryman'.

In the upcoming indie flickĀ Charlie Countryman, Shia LaBeouf sits next to a man who dies on a plane, and then falls in love with his Romanian daughter, played by Evan Rachel Wood.

The 26-year-old actress has watched the latest cut of the film, and was unhappy about a ruling by the Motion Picture Association Of America that forced the director, Fredrik Bond, to ditch a scene in which Wood recieves oral sex in order to secure an R-Rating.

According to Wood, who took to Twitter this morning, the edit is symptomatic of a much bigger problem.

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Here’s the trailer for Charlie Countryman.