Man Charged With Defacing Eurydice Dixon Memorial Says He Did It To Attack Feminism

Surprise! He's an MRA.

Andrew Nolch Eurydice Dixon

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The man charged with defacing the memorial to murdered comedian Eurydice Dixon says he did it to attack feminism and promote his anti-vaccine ideology.

Melbourne was rocked last month after Dixon was raped and murdered while walking through Princes Park in Carlton North. Mourners left flowers near where her body was found, but the memorial was later sprayed with offensive graffiti.

Police have since charged Andrew Nolch, a self-described anti-vaccination activist and independent Scientologist who hosts a podcast about conspiracy theories and is known to Dixon’s friends, with “criminal damage, offensive behaviour and marking offensive graffiti”.

Speaking to The Age, Nolch said the graffiti “was not a personal attack at all”. Rather, it was “an attack on feminism, on mainstream media for hijacking a vaccine-causing issue and turning it into a men are bad, women’s rights issue”.

He also wrote on Facebook that “I did it because I was upset that vaccines caused the killers [sic] autism”.

Jaymes Todd, a 19-year-old man with autism spectrum disorder, has been charged with Eurydice Dixon’s rape and murder.

In another Facebook post written shortly after the memorial was vandalised, Nolch posted a diatribe attacking the media and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for blaming men for Dixon’s death.

“How dare they blame males for this when its so obvious that normal males don’t do this,” he wrote. “The mainstream media is running a brainwashing program which is designed to make everyone think that males are bad. Any event that comes along they twist the reporting so that average males are made to feel bad as if they did it.”

He also claimed society was being “taken over” by “the New World Order” or “the communist Chinese”.

In other posts, Nolch claimed NASA has established secret bases on the moon, and repeatedly promoted the discredited theory that vaccines cause autism.

He will face court in August.