Yes It’s Just A Song Contest, But This Year’s Eurovision Has Involved Nazis And Talk Of Boycotts

Um also J.K. Rowling praised the Australian commentator for calling someone an "absolute cockhead"!?!

Eurovision Stage Invader Australia

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Ah Eurovision. That European song contest (which includes famous European country, Australia) that has brought us famous streakers, famous songs and famous same-sex smooches. This year may well end up making the cut of most dramatic finals — and it’s got something to do with Nazis and state boycotts.

But a warning first: only read on if you’re ready to know the winners and losers.

OK, How Does A Song Contest Lead To Talk Of Nazis?

Because of a stage invader who said some dumb shit about them before being pulled off stage. You can hear him say the words “freedom” and “Nazis” before being dragged off.

And in the most Aussie way ever, commentator Joel Creasey, on live television, called the bloke “some absolute cockhead”.

One of the most successful authors in the history of the world of course then congratulated our boy Creasey:

And Why Has The Competition’s Winner Caused Calls To Boycott?

Because the winner was… Israel. And it’s courted a lot of controversy:

And Eurovision’s 2017 winner, Salvador Sobral, even declared that if Israel won he would hand over the trophy with a “fake smile”.

When he did hand winner Netta Barzilai the trophy, they kissed each other on the cheek. Later, Barzilai told media that “he respected me when he gave me the microphone. I send only love to him.”

In a message to fans, Barzilai thanked them for choosing a different and daring option:

And Australia’s Eurovision Performance?

Jessica Mauboy sang her heart out, but copped a 20th placed finish after low levels of support from televoters. In the end, while she claimed 90 points from the expert jury, Australia only received nine points from televoters.

Oh well.

Check out Israel’s winning song here: