The Internet Is Making Fun Of Life At ‘Euphoria’ High School

"Euphoria is just A24 Degrassi."

Euphoria school

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HBO’s Euphoria finally returned after a two-year hiatus, airing the first episode of its second season on Monday.

The hype for the show — which follows American teens navigating sex, drugs, trauma, and identity — couldn’t be overstated. Fans were elated for more of its chic costuming, expressive makeup, incredible soundtrack, and party scenes that glorify all the hedonistic practices known to mankind, Euphoria is known for.

The first season followed protagonist Rue, played by Zendaya, as she battles the slippery slope of an extreme drug addiction, trying to remain sober and return to normalcy after coming out of rehab. She falls in love with ephemeral city girl Jules, and deals with the grief of her father’s passing, while their friend group also navigate the messiness of growing up in a small town.

But in the lead up to the season premiere, people started questioning and imagining what would actually go down in hallways of the school these kids go to.

What happens in Euphoria high school stays in Euphoria high school. That’s a good thing because nothing really goes down there. We rarely see classes happen, any form of general supervision, lesson plans — nada. The radical experiences of the fictional characters don’t exactly mimic the cafeteria lunches most people watching would have gone through.

People on TikTok and Twitter are poking fun at Euphoria high school as we continue to endure the suspended reality of the show’s education system in season two. Most notable is how progressive the dress code is there:

At Euphoria high school, the students aren’t there to learn new things, and pretty much just focus on what they already love doing best:

At this point, the writers don’t even pretend this is a normal situation inspired by real-life: