If You Hate The Government, It’s Time To Make Sure You’re Enrolled To Vote

You only have a week left, so do it now.

scott morrison

Hello Australia, it’s on. Scott Morrison has finally pulled his finger out and called an election for May 18, and you know what that means: it’s time to enrol to vote.

Whether you hate the government or love them (weird, but okay), it’s important to make sure your details are all ready to go so you can put One Nation last.

You only have until April 18 (one week away!) to make sure you’re enrolled, so do it now before you forget, then tell all your friends to enrol to vote too!

Checking you’re enrolled is a really simple process: just go to the AEC website, type in your name and address, and it’ll let you know whether you’re good to go.

If you’re enrolling to vote for the first time, you can do it online here as long as you have a driver’s licence or passport number handy. You can also update your address online.

Do it right now so we can get on with Marie Kondo-ing Australian Parliament.