A Letter 10-Year-Old Emma Watson Wrote On The Set Of ‘Harry Potter’ Has Become A Huge Meme

Emma Watson has been mashed-up with everything from 'Spongebob Squarepants' to the Zodiac Killer.

Emma Watson in Harry Potter

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Some 18 years ago, a young lady named Emma Watson sat down on the set of Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone and wrote herself a note.

The note-writing was part of a scene and Watson was being shot in wide, so actually, she didn’t have to scribble down anything at all. But rather than waste her time, the ten-year-old decided it was a perfect opportunity to put herself together a little biography.

“My name is Emma Charlotte Watson,” the actress wrote, in a note that has gone viral this week on Twitter. “I am ten years old and playing the part of Hermione Granger. I love this pen (quill).

“Proffser McGonigal [sic] the cat is beautiful. Is black and white. I wish I had a cat as a teacher.”

The note proves two things. First, it’s evidence that the casting for that first film was spot on. After all, writing herself little notes rather than waste time is exactly what the real Hermione Granger would do.

Secondly, it proves that Harry Potter truly is eternal — a photo of the thing did massive numbers on Twitter, despite the fact that there’s no forthcoming Potter film, or anniversary. People just love talking about those books and movies, and will take any chance to do so.

In fact, the internet was so chuffed with the note that it decided to do what the internet does best: turn the whole thing into a meme.

Within hours, the meme had reached the next stage of the internet cycle and had become meta. Excited internet pranksters mashed up the thing with a disastrous interview from the one-time head of Papa John’s…

…With a sharpie-scrawled note from Donald Trump, the President of the United States…

…With a note left by the mysterious and violent Zodiac killer…

…and with… uh, the words ‘pee pee poo poo lol’.