This Very Planned “Candid” Video Of Emma Roberts On A Beach Has Become A Chaotic Meme

Emma Roberts is giving real "She's so goofy, we can't take her anywhere!!" energy here.

emma roberts beach meme lana del rey

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Surprise bitch, Emma Roberts is a meme again.

The American Horror Story star has made her infamous “Surprise, bitch” meme a thing of the past thanks to a new “candid” and quirky clip of Roberts at the beach.

Standing by the shore as Lana Del Rey’s ‘Happiness Is A Butterfly’ plays, the Instagram reel shows the actor awkwardly posing in front of the camera while giggling and poking her tongue out. The caption? “Beautiful night.”


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But it wasn’t just a beautiful night. For the lovers of a good laugh, it became a beautiful week as the very clearly planned “goofy” video was immediately meme-ed to hell and back.

Giving extreme “she’s so quirky, I can’t take her anywhere” energy, the not-so-candid clip has been paired with a surprising number of situations where Roberts’ coy movements match perfectly.

For example, one popular iteration of the ‘Emma Roberts Beach Walk To Lana Del Rey’ meme likened the oceanside clip to the classic “first wife/dead wife flashback” commonly seen in romcoms and revenge thrillers.

No, seriously. It’s spot on.

But for most people, Emma Roberts and her little whimsical Lana Del Rey beach moment quickly became the perfect way to capture the feeling of mysteriousness, narcissism, confusion, and straight-up delusion.

And in response to becoming a meme again, Emma Roberts just had six simple, but effective, words to thank her fans: “Thank you gays and whoever else.”

And YES, she’s right. Thank you, gays and whoever else for turning this wonderfully chaotic clip into the perfect meme.