Labor’s Emma Husar Won’t Contest The Next Election Following The Allegations Against Her

"Enough is enough."

Well, Labor MP Emma Husar says she won’t be recontesting her Western Sydney seat at the next federal election after a series of pretty serious allegations that she bullied staff and misused taxpayer funds became public.

A few weeks ago, BuzzFeed revealed that Husar was under investigation over allegations that ranged from sexually harassing a parliamentary colleague to bullying staff by swearing at them, making them do her household chores and walk her dogs. Then there were the allegations that Husar used taxpayer funds for personal costs like concert tickets, or just to top up her personal bank account. Husar has denied doing any wrongdoing.

Speaking to Nine today, Husar confirmed the allegations had taken their toll, and that while she’s not quitting outright, she won’t be recontesting her seat at the next federal election, which will be either late this year or early next year.

“It is an incredibly sad day for me,” Husar told Nine. “I have just derived immense pleasure from being able to represent my community, but enough is enough.”

“Day after day, watching my reputation be smeared and my kids trolled online, that’s been incredibly tough.”

She also told Nine she felt her reputation would never recover. That will probably depend on the findings of the full investigation into the 40+ allegations against her, which the ALP is due to receive some time this week.