Man, Things Just Keep Getting Worse For New Zealand’s Conservative Party

They lost to Jacinda Ardern and Eminem in the same week.

New Zealand just keeps on goddamn delivering. Just days after Labour’s Jacinda Ardern took the reins as the country’s Prime Minister, ending nine years of National party rule, the country’s High Court has delivered another blow to the conservatives by ruling against them in a big copyright case. The plaintiff? Well it’s none other than Detroit rap legend Eminem.

Back in 2014, Eminem accused the National party of copyright infringement claiming his track ‘Lose Yourself’ was used for a promotional campaign without permission. The track was released in 2002 for the 8 Mile soundtrack, and went on to win an Academy Award and two Grammys.

National responded by alleging that the track wasn’t actually ‘Lose Yourself’ by Eminem but another song called ‘Eminem Esque’ from music company BeatBox.

During the trial Eminem’s lawyer argued ‘Lose Yourself’ was the “the jewel in the crown” of the rapper’s career. The case also featured one of the greatest moments in courtroom history when the track was played out to a room of stony-faced jurors and lawyers.

Today the High Court handed down its final decision and ruled in Eminem’s favour.

In the judgement the High Court found that ‘Eminem Esque’ was, in fact, a copy of ‘Lose Yourself’, and as a result the National party had committed copyright infringement as they had broadcast the song without a license.

The Court awarded Eminem damages of $600,000, plus interest. I’m guessing that after losing an election and being booted out of office the last thing National needs is a big legal bill, but them’s the breaks!

The judgement also included a number of very funny references to the lyrics and music of ‘Lose Yourself’.

The judgement caps off a solid month for Eminem, who set the internet alight with his scorching takedown of Donald Trump at the BET awards.