The New Emilia Clarke Rom-Com ‘Last Christmas’ Has A Blindingly Obvious Twist

The trailer might think it's being savvy, but you can sniff the rug-pull a mile off.

Last Christmas -- Emilia Clarke

Last Christmas is a rom-com about two deeply mismatched people, one played by Emilia Clarke and one played by Henry Golding, who fall madly in love during the festive season. Or at least, that’s what the studio behind the film wants you to believe.

After all, the newly-released trailer centres mostly on Golding and Clarke’s romance. She’s a grumpy, hard-living grouse who works as a costumed elf at a small boutique store, and he’s a chiselled, beaming work of art. He’s funny, intelligent, and he volunteers at a homeless shelter on his weekends. He’s perfect, and, at least on first glance, the tension of the film arises from how goshdarned different they are.

Only, like I say, that’s the version of the movie that the studios are selling. Just watch the trailer, and tell me if you can’t guess the twist that the marketing department savvily reckon they’ve slipped by you.


So, yep, pretty blatant, hey: Golding is absolutely, 100% a ghost.

I mean, think about it. At one point, Clarke talks about surviving a near-death experience. What a thing it would be if said experience allows her to see through the barrier between the living and the dead, guided by a departed soul who wants to shift her shattered heart towards goodness!

Also, there’s the old Sixth Sense trick going on here: Golding doesn’t speak to anyone in the trailer except for Clarke. Oh, he’s also absolutely too kind and wonderful to be true, which means he is absolutely some corpse rotting in a coffin somewhere.

That’s not all that the film has going for it, of course. Last Christmas was written by Emma Thompson and is loosely based on the music of George Michael, so even if we’re right (which we are) and we’ve spotted the twist a mile off, the film is still set to be a wonderful time.

Guess we’ll find out when the film hits cinemas this November 8.