Elon Musk Was Dragged All The Way To Mars After Asking For Help With His ‘SNL’ Sketch Ideas

Don't be shy, end poverty live on air.

elon musk SNL sketch ideas roasted

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This weekend, Elon Musk is set to host Saturday Night Live with Miley Cyrus for reasons that make very little sense.

Despite the announcement turning into a meme and a number of SNL cast members expressing their concern with the Tesla CEO hosting, it seems like the episode is all set to go ahead on May 8 to inject a much-needed ratings boost into the show.

So in preparation for tomorrow’s rehearsals, Elon Musk took to Twitter to ask for a little help on possible “skit ideas” for the night — and judging by the billionaires own suggestions, like “Baby Shark Tank”, “Woke James Bond” and “Irony Man”, he definitely needed some assistance.

“Throwing out some skit ideas for SNL. What should I do?” Musk foolishly asked.

Sadly some Elon Musk fanboys and the tech bros of the world did offer up some genuine (and terrible) suggestions like “talking about how DOGE is our next currency” and sending the cast members who didn’t want to perform with Musk “to Mars… on the outside of the shuttle”. Hilarious.

But unfortunately for Musk, his online brainstorm didn’t go according to plan as most people saw the chance to roast the billionaire and used the opportunity to point out all the terrible things Elon Musk has done in real life.

For example, people reminisced on the classic times when Musk downplayed the seriousness of coronavirusshared a bunch of anti-union messages on Twitter, and when he decided to create his horrific Vegas car tunnel.

Some also decided to focus on the tantrum Elon Musk threw when California tried to put a pause on Tesla production, while others were stuck on the fact that Teslas seem to just be blowing up. The source material for sketches seem to be endless.

But while dragging Elon Musk for all the terrible things he’s done was fun, others used the opportunity to suggest things the billionaire can do in the future, too. Like, I don’t know, maybe using his billions of dollars to help out people in need.

But it’s Elon Musk so we know he won’t do that. Instead, we can expect that he’ll likely just steal the “best” suggestions made by his fanboys and somehow make them even more insufferable.