There’s A Swarm Of Increasingly Hilarious Elon Musk Parody Accounts

"Ayy, I made da rockets!"

Hey! Elon Musk is a ridiculous billionaire who everyone loves to lampoon, because he’s a very rich narcissist who enjoys throwing ill-conceived submarines at the world’s problems, and then gets mad when people don’t fall over themselves in gratitude.

The thing is, you can never punch down on a billionaire. They’re unfairly hoarding more money than they could ever need, while so much of the world suffers! So, we might as well mock him with fake Twitter accounts.

It all started with the flagship Musk parody account, Italian Elon Musk, who came up with some beautiful content that centred on the premise that Elon Musk had the outrageous accent and interests of the most stereotypical Italian caricature you could ever imagine.

Mamma mia!

However, it appears someone has forced Twitter to not only delete Italian Elon Musk, but to actually lock any account that changes its name to something to do with Elon Musk. Twitter seems paralysed by the rise of Nazis and trolls, but is extremely efficient when it comes to shutting down Elon Musk parody accounts.

Luckily, this just forced people to get more creative.

Such as French Élon Musque.

Much like Italian Elon Musk, the French version is a very complicated joke. Here’s some of the account’s best tweets:

Unfortunately French Elon Musk was probably the pinnacle of the parody accounts, as an absolute deranged mass of copycats followed, including such luminary concepts as ‘gay Elon Musk’. Hmm.

But really, my favourite account is South African Elon Musk, which is just… Elon Musk. It really shows just how ludicrous he is without a wacky accent.