On A Positive Note, Elon Musk Just Lost 260 Billion Dollars

Finally some good news!

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Twitter heir Elon Musk has reportedly broken records for losing the most amount of money that anyone has ever lost, so sorry to this man.

Musk was declared the richest person in the world exactly two years ago, but he’s reportedly since lost that post to French luxury goods slinger Bernard Arnault, who owns the conglomerate that heads up Louis Vuitton. Nice for him!

The Guinness World Records reports that the Mars enthusiast lost about $182 billion USD, which equates to about $261 billion AUD. So you know, quite a lot! Most of Musk’s fortune is is tied up in Tesla stock, and a drop in Tesla share prices is largely to blame for the loss.

The whole Twitter thing¬†famously hasn’t gone well so far — Musk bought the platform for $44 billion USD ($63 billion AUD) when you can literally sign up for an account for free, and by all accounts his contribution to the company has been… unhelpful.

Musk’s theatrics have included ordering thousands of job cuts, deciding to charge people for a blue tick, dabbling in a grey tick, declaring he could be assassinated, and using Twitter polls to make business decisions.

Musk is now worth about $178 billion USD, making him the second richest person in the world — so he still should be able to make rent.

Photo credit: Licensed by Getty