Elizabeth Moss Is Stalked By An Ex Only She Can See In The Trailer For ‘The Invisible Man’


Elizabeth Moss in The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man is a strange property.

A H.G. Wells story that was adapted into a series of increasingly ludicrous movies, it’s one of the less successful classic Universal horror properties for a reason. I mean, it’s just so hard to try and make a dude who you can’t see cinematically interesting — let alone work out what he’s actually meant to do for 90 minutes of his screentime.

Well, from the looks of the trailer for the new Invisible Man reboot, Australia’s own Leigh Whannell has finally cracked the character.

In this modern take, the Invisible Man is an abusive, maniacal scientist. When his ex-girlfriend, played by Elizabeth Moss, tries to make an escape from his controlling clutches, he fakes his own death, and drinks a potion that makes him invisible. That gives him full power to haunt and stalk her for as long as he likes, which he does, attempting to drive her totally insane.

So: this isn’t just a new take on the Invisible Man himself, it’s a new take on the ghost story. This is a spectre who haunts you and you alone — and they’re not even dead.

It shouldn’t be so surprising that Whannell has cracked a seemingly uncrackable problem. After all, he’s true Hollywood horror royalty — the man is the brains behind the Saw and the Insidious series, as well as the writer-director of the extraordinary horror-thriller flick Upgrade. (And, lest we forget, a one-time host of Australia’s classic music TV program, Recovery.)

The man has spent his entire career making low-budget spins on classic horror tropes feel fresh and exciting, and it’s not surprising he’s managed to do the same this time around.

Basically, we can’t wait till this thing drops in February 2020. Till then, watch the nail-bitingly tense and genuinely horrifying trailer here: