How The Internet Reacted To An Elephant Gatecrashing The Funeral Of A Woman It Killed

The elephant also destroyed the victim's house.

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Sure, we all know elephants never forget — but did you know that they also never forgive?

In a something out of a Kill Bill and Mumfie crossover, a rogue elephant made headlines last month for a very personal crime.

As reported by the Times of India, an elderly woman was tragically trampled to death by an angry elephant in Raipal village in West Bengal, India.

However, the crime got worse after mourners were forced to acknowledge the elephant in room, as the revenge-driven pachyderm dramatically returned to the woman’s funeral with a posse, disrupting the mourners in a fit of rage and even throwing and stomping on the victim’s corpse.

According to reports, not satisfied with simply disrupting funeral proceedings, the herd of elephants also proceeded to severely damage the original victim’s house along with three others in the village.

Elephant attacks in India are sadly not uncommon, with over five hundred people dying from encounters every year. Asian Elephants are also an endangered species, with only 25,000 remaining in the wild in India as development continually shrinks their native habits.

Despite the gravity of the situation, TikTok is completely losing it over the petty mammal with many finding a strange kinship in its toxic and destructive behaviour.

Twitter has enjoyed the elephant drama too, including this dramatic reenactment of the funeral bust-up.

Following the attack, the provincial government quickly announced that the kin of the deceased would receive special compensation for the attack, along with other locals whose homes were damaged in the ensuing stamped.

Despite TikTok’s furious conviction that the attack was retaliation for poaching, there’s zero concrete evidence for that just yet. Maybe, just like people, some elephants are just jerks?