The Real Winner Of The Election Was Channel 9’s Ukulele-Playing Robot

What in the fresh hell is this?

election graphics

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Well there you have it folks, after a long election weekend and an even longer six weeks of official campaigning, Anthony Albanese is officially our new Prime Minister. While congratulations are in order for Albo, we must acknowledge the real winner of the election: the ukulele playing robot on Channel 9’s election coverage.

Every three years like clockwork, television media teams have the opportunity to bust out the most chaotic graphics they possibly can to celebrate the incoming and outgoing politicians. I like to think this is a little treat for the graphic design teams who have likely spent the last six weeks drawing up graphs and pie charts to illustrate boring political statistics.

You’d be forgiven for thinking the following clip was filmed at a 10 pin bowling alley after you scored a strike, but it was actually part of Channel 9’s live election coverage. For reasons unclear to literally anyone outside of Nine Entertainment Co, the organisation chose a ukulele-playing robot who bats the outgoing candidates in suitcases to the sound of Dragon’s April Sun In Cuba.

As if it wasn’t already bad enough to lose your seat, each candidate also had to endure the humiliation of being shot into political oblivion by a cartoon robot. You truly, truly hate to see it.

But while former Prime Minister Scott Morrison probably hated the graphic — which mocked his infamous, ukulele-playing 60 Minutes interview, the internet absolutely revelled in the graphic’s glory.

At least we can all rest assured that if Channel 9 makes budget cuts after the election, their graphics team will be in a shoo-in for a job working at Strike Bowling.