All The Chaos Of Election Day Retold Through The Best Tweets


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The election campaign may have only officially stretched for six weeks, but J H Christ it felt like a lifetime.

Today, Australians that forgot to vote early shuffled to public school halls and town halls across the land, scribbled their democratic right on a piece of pale green paper and promptly popped off for a sausage.

Polls had the two major parties essentially neck-and-neck coming into election day, although political pundits seemed to be tipping Labor early in the evening across the news channels. As the evening went on, it was confirmed that Anthony Albanese would prevail and become PM. Scott Morrison conceded in a desperate and breathless speech in the Fullerton hotel in Sydney, while Albo took victory in a crowded and jubilant room in the inner west.

Of course, it wouldn’t be election day without a fair amount of bullshit — from Morrison cravenly trying to kickstart a scare campaign by announcing a boat had been intercepted off the coast of Australia, to last-minute court appeals over signage.

Then, there were the broadcasts. With Channel Nine introducing the ‘Big Boot’ at the 2019 election, expectations were high for what dastardly graphics would be pulled out this year throughout the vote count.

There were also some cracking jokes. Have a scroll through some of the best tweets and reactions to the election that was.

Then the results started to roll in…

There was a lot of chat about the size of the screens, and fury towards the panellist on the ABC that didn’t turn off their phone.

And then…

And then…Albo took to the stage.

Meanwhile, Shorten was back on his bullshit.