Far-Right Trolls Defaced The Egg Boy Mural, But Then Immediately Got Trolled Right Back

The power of Egg Boy cannot be contained.

Egg Boy mural painted over twice

A mural of teenager Will Connolly, aka Egg Boy, has been painted over by right-wing trolls, only to be painted over again almost immediately by anti-racism activists. Life comes at you fast.

The initial mural appeared yesterday in Hosier Lane in the Melbourne CBD, and depicted the now-iconic moment when Connolly smashed an egg into the back of extremely terrible man Fraser Anning’s extremely terrible head.

Artist Van T Rudd (nephew of Kevin Rudd… yes, that Kevin Rudd) tweeted that the mural was a tribute to Egg Boy’s “glorious response” to Anning’s “support of extreme right wing terror” after Anning blamed the Christchurch terror attacks on Muslim immigration.

But Rudd’s mural was quickly targeted by right-wing shit-brains, who painted over the mural and tagged it with a hashtag urging people to #VoteFraser.

But the paint had barely dried before the mural was worked over again, this time by anti-racism activists who had a message for anyone advocating racism and white supremacy.

Feature image provided by Van T Rudd.