The Internet Is In Love With The Clip For Eddie Murphy’s One-Hit Wonder ‘Party All The Time’

An old classic has gone viral once again.

Eddie Murphy with Party All The Time

Eddie Murphy is one of the most important comedic talents of the last few decades, a wild man who has staked an incredible claim on both stand-up and modern motion pictures.

After all, is there a more singularly noxious set than Delirious? Or a more impressive run than the Beverly Hills Cop films, which are vicious and funny in equal measure? His critics get too caught up in films like Norbit, and his reputation as a tricky person to deal with. All that stuff aside, Eddie Murphy is a comedy legend, and we need to kneel before his altar more often.

But did you know the man also had something of an impact on ’80s pop as well? Yep, in the middle of the decade, along with famed producer (and Dave Chappelle foil) Rick James, Murphy dropped his debut album, How Could It Be. The thing’s a mixed-bag of pop hits and random r’n’b crooners that probably isn’t the most enthralling listen from start to finish. But it does contain the single ‘Party all the Time’, and that absolves all of Murphy’s sins.

I mean, you’ve probably never heard a song this energised or strange. At least, most of Twitter certainly hadn’t — when the accompanying video clip started trending this week, most people responded to ‘Party All the Time’ with something like overwhelmed shock and joy.

If you’ve never heard the song before, prepare yourself.

Anyway, like I say, the response on the internet has been sheer, unbridled ecstasy.

It really is time for us to finally take Murphy seriously. And ‘Party All the Time’ proves it.